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eMule ZZUL-Plus is a Modification of the Filesharing Programm eMule. eMule is a free peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing application for Windows.

Special Features:
- MTU - Settings[Maella] merged from Xtreme
- SearchColors[WiZaRd]
- Emulate others [WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004/evcz] merged from MagicAngel
- Credits Reset Exploit Prevention[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
- Fakealyzer[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
- NeoDownloadCommands [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
- ClientAnalyzer Score Collumn [pP] merged from R-Mod
und vieles mehr...


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Size : 2.241,43 kB

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eMule-0.49b-ZZUL-Plus-1.1-bin.rar 5.211,56 Kb 26.11.08 10499
eMule-0.49b-ZZUL-Plus-1.1-src.rar 4.400,85 Kb 26.11.08 5541
eMule-0.49b-ZZUL-Plus-1.0-src.rar 3.942,51 Kb 26.11.08 3125